Estacada Charters consist of two accredited charter schools that are sponsored by the Estacada School District.  We seek to provide a unique and individually responsive educational environment for students in Estacada and the surrounding Portland Metro region.  I encourage you to explore this site to and learn about the exciting options that exist for you through our Charter Schools.

Estacada Web Academy

Founded in 2008, The Estacada Web Academy serves students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  The online environment specializes in offering personalized instruction, advisor teacher/ mentorship, and ongoing communication to support student-learning objectives.

Successful students commit to

  • Learning for 4-5 hours a day
  • Participating in meaningful communication with their advisor teacher
    • Homeroom takes place every Monday morning that school is in session
    • Online, on the phone, at a locally scheduled study hall, or in the home
  • Accessing our growing resources for support
  • Participate with school events – Open house, Parent Teacher conference, field trips, etc

The Estacada Web Academy prides itself on our commitment to building relationships with every student.  We want to support your educational objectives and provide for you a rich and varied learning experience:

  • Every teacher is Oregon licensed and Highly Qualified in their subject area.
  • We are 100% local to Oregon and the Portland metro communities
    • No farming out your education to states unknown
    • If you ever needed the support of the administration or the office, we are here!
  • EWA has an organized field trip every month
  • Study halls are scheduled to meet multiple times each week
    • Teachers maintain online office hours as well.  Having trouble in a subject, check out how to get instant and live support.
  • Enrichment activities scheduled throughout the year – live Science Thursday, Weekly live PE, automotive technology, the Bonneville Dam
    • (please see our calendar under News and Events for a complete schedule of activities).
  • Parent Teacher Conferences and Open House events
  • Learn more @ ewa.estacadacharters.org

To learn more, click the Web Academy tab to your right and visit the school site.  Or apply now!

Estacada Early College

Mature and independent learners often need a challenge beyond what is available in the traditional environment.  If you find yourself searching for a challenge and looking for a way to get ahead, then the Estacada Early College might be a perfect fit for you.

Founded in 2009, Estacada Early College gives academically prepared students the chance to experience the college learning environment, earn a college transcript, and complete high school.

Taking this step by yourself can be daunting; but when you apply to EEC, you will receive ongoing enrollment support, individual advising every semester, regular check-ins, problem solving advice, and directions on how to access the wide variety of services available at the college.

The Early College pays up to $1250 every term through a 3rd party billing system.  We also will send you $150 each term to purchase textbooks.   (Contingent on State of Oregon funding levels)

We have established relationships and 3rd Party Billing arraignments with the following Community Colleges – each school has its own pathway for getting started.  Be sure to visit our Estacada Early College page to learn more.

  • Clackamas Community College
  • Mt. Hood Community College
  • Portland Community College
  • Chemeketa Community College

Estacada Charters School Board

Cyndi Rathbun - Board Chair

Technology Assistant at Estacada School District

Lauri Hull

Employed at Follett Real Estate Property Management

Megan Helzerman

Clackamas ESD Regional Coordinator

Matt Day

Reliance Connects Commercial Manager

Meeting Minutes

About the Staff

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